Monday, May 25, 2009

Nice trip back to Thailand

Dan Kwian The land of ceramics, is located in Tambol DanKwian, Chokchai District and is 15 kilometres south-east of Korat City. Route No.224 Nakhon Ratchasima - Chokchai runs thougth the village where both sides of the orad are fulled of beautiful and astonishing ceramic shops.
Dan Kwian Litter ally means the by-pass area of bull-carts.

Today,the Dan Kwian products become one of the major export goods from Korat.The clay at Dan Kwian has a special marverlous quality of though, as said, ductile texture and color of rust which beyond comparison and the quality is fantastic.The clay is taken from the banks of Moon River, the place locally colled 'Kud' (Parts of the river banks that have been worn away or eroded then created an area of swamp-liked).The clay is also well known for its features as forming shapes, and on the firing process, it is not easily broken or bending,The very most special feature is that after the firing the clay will give out natural red colour which is belived to be iron oxide mixed in the clay.

Papaya Salad : Som-tam

One of my favarite meals which is we can find very easy in thailand , I cound't stop to eating. Eveywhere was I passed Somtam resturants or street resturants I have to buy it immadiately.
The meal look really simple make we can
take papaya, chopped green beans , tomatos , dried prawns, peanuts ,chillies , galics, limes or you can mix some vergetabels and ingredients what you pefer.

There are also my favarite menu : giant scampi salad.

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